Arthur Stifel III

Arthur Stifel III. graduated from Ohio University in 1966 and went on to work for the former Eastern Airlines in 1967 to 1991 as an airline Captain. He is a multi-engine seaplane instructor and holds several FAI class speed records for amphibians.

Selection of flown aircrafts and licenses

FAA Type Ratings: DC-3, LR-Jet, DC-9, B-727, B757, B-767

Flight Engineer

Turbo-Jet: B727, DC-8, FAA Ground Instructor.

Multi Engine Sea Airplanes

G44 Widgeon, Piagio, Royal Gull L2, Twin Engine Sea Bee.

Single Engine Sea Aircraft

Sea Bee, Sea Wind, Lake Amphibians most all models, Cessna 172 on Fiberglass Floats, Cessna 180, 206 on standard and Amphibious floats. Several variety's of Ultra Lights on Amphibious floats.

Total Flight Time

Over 28,500 Hours.

Business in flight training

Arthur started his business in flight training for Amphibious aircraft in Highlands County since 1997 when he moved there with his lovely wife and two children.

Arthur does all the flight training and commercial activities.


E-Mail: arthuratadventureairinc [uodt] com (
Fon: +1 (863) 273 0910
speaks english, time zone: UTC -5