Klaus Jourdan

Klaus Jourdan is a commercial pilot (IR) with instrument rating and started flying gliders in 2001. He is a seaplane pilot since 2011 and member of Flugsportclub Aschaffenburg (located in Germany) where he still flies gliders and motorgliders as well as motorplanes.

Aircraft flown include

Single engine land: Diamond Katana DV/DA20, Piper PA 38, Piper PA 28A different models, Piper PA 28RT-200T Turbo Arrow, Cessna C152, Cessna C172N /SP/RG, Robin DR400, Technam P92 Echo, Maule M6, Aquila A210

Single engine sea: Lake Amphibians most all models, Piper PA 18 on floats.

Multi engine land: Lockwood Aircam, PA-23

Gliders: ASK 21, ASK 13, ASK 23, LS 4b, DuoDiscus, Astir Jeans (G102), Twin Astir (G103), Schleicher K2 and K6cr, Discus B

Total Flight Time: over 900 hours.

Klaus´ business is IT Security specialist with over 20 years of experience in his own company.

Klaus joined Arthurs business in 2013 after he got is seaplane rating on his plane in 2011.

He supports the company from Germany by providing a german-speaking contact.


E-Mail: klausatadventureairinc [uodt] com (klaus@adventureairinc.com)
speaks german and english, time zone: UTC +1