Amphibian aircraft

Our plane is a Lake LA4-200. It is an amphibious aircraft, able to start and land on both water and tarmac or grass strips.

It is the only model of its kind still in production, though in a very limited number.

Our airplane, the Lake LA4-200 in technical details

Type: consolidated Aeronautics Lake LA4-200

Wingspan: 11,58 m (38ft 0in)

Length: 7,59 m

Height: 2,84 m

Powerplant: Lycoming IO-360 A1B

max. Power: 200 HP (149 KW)

Fuel: 40 gal (main tank) 2x 7gal (aux. sponson tanks)

Cruise speed: 105 kt

No. of seats: 4

Flight crew: 1

Empty weight: 705 kg (1555 lbs)

Max gross weight: 1220 kg (2690 lbs)

First flight: 1976


Flight training: 270 US$/h wet, 10 hr. block time: 250 US$/h 

Roundtrips: 250 US$/h wet, 10 hr. block time: 230 US$/h