Facts and figures

How long does it take to learn?

Depending on your experience, we recommend to schedule at least one week for your lessons.

Why can't one get a licence over just a weekend?

First of all because it has to be a fun experience. There is no need to hurry. Besides, it's simply impossible.We know from our hands-on experience that a rating that has been acquired within two days neither provides the necessary pilot expertise nor in-depth learning necessary to utilize the rating. There is a good reason why no charter company would charter a Seaplane and a pilot who only had such minimum training. Even if you pass the test (having had some good luck), Lake L4-200 in particular requires a skilled and experienced hand to handle. This cannot necessarily be measured by flight hours alone, but much rather by ground handling and by chances taken to get to know the plane's numerous possibilities. The weather also plays an important part. And now the most important thing: Flying has to be stressless right from the first lesson!

Are theory lessons necessary?

Yes, absolutely. We offer theory lessons for free. The aircraft and water handling in particular requires extra theory knowledge. However, we can teach you the tricks, say, during the mutual breakfast times or stopovers at a flyby café.

Can I take a teaser lesson first? If yes, how much is it?

Of course, as long as you think is necessary. We charge per flight hour, as you learn quite a lot at the very beginning, which can be later on accounted towards your accomplished course.

What is the course language?

English only. The flight instructor speaks only English. No worries, though, your English doesn't have to be perfect. When we go flightseeing or during the teaser flights, we can also speak German.

Are theory lessons and the theory exam mandatory?

Depends. Theory lessons are mandatory but you can skip the theory exam. We are convinced that this particular skill of flying a special aircraft needs some theory foundation. No worries, though, the lessons are free of charge.The necessary theory hacks can be taught at breakfast or at lunch during a stopover. Even if there is no mandatory written exam in theory, an examiner may ask some by-the-way questions during a practical exam. Questions may cover topics such as machine handling and flight planning, take-off, recommended load etc.

Where can i fly?

Right in the middle of Florida you will have the best conditions for water flying. You can find anything except mountains here. Once you have mastered the basics of flying, you can enjoy short and intermediate distance tours in up to 2-hour-flight distance. They are aimed to consolidate the acquired skills and include further exercises such as beach landing or platforms use. Naturally, the whole thing must be fun. There is a variety of great beach cafés which we could reach directly. The is but one limitation: Travelers visiting the US on a visa waiver program are not aloud to leave the US territory.

Tavares Seaplane Base (one of our training destinations).