Pilot lessons

Facts and figures

Facts and figures

How long does it take to learn?

Depending on your experience, we recommend to schedule at least one week for your lessons.

Why can't one get a licence over just a weekend?

First of all because it has to be a fun experience. There is no need to hurry. Besides, it's simply impossible.



What is recognition (validation) and what can I do with it?

Once you have attained it, you can fly all N-registered aircrafts of a respective type within the US airspace including Hawaii. In theory, you are entitled to all privileges you would have with a validated license abroad (except IFR or instrument flight rules). For details, please enquire beforehand. In order to fly, you require a standard Medical PPL from the country of origin along with the validation. The validation is bound to the validity of your foreign license.

Amphibian aircraft

Amphibious aircraft

Our plane is a Lake LA4-200. It is an amphibious aircraft, able to start and land on both water and tarmac or grass strips.

It is the only model of its kind still in production, though in a very limited number.

After The Rating

already flying seaplanes?


Already a seaplane pilot?

 If you already a seaplane pilot, no matter if you are newly certified or flying seaplanes for decades we offer additional trainings and checkrides:


- Annual Lake recurrency trainings 

  Mostly all insurance companies require an annual Lake recurrency training to keep their insurance alive.

  We can offer these trainings and do the papaerwork as Arthur is an insurance approved flight instructor.