We offer is a unique combination of daytrips and flight lessons on a state-of-the-art plane (amphibian aircraft). Satisfaction guaranteed.

The surroundings offer a variety of magnificent things to discover. Florida is famous for its numerous lakes and sightseeing highlights, such as Keys etc.

The US airspace is much more liberal than in other countries, Germany for an instance. As fuel prices are lower, flying also comes cheaper. There are less restricted areas altogether, so one can move around more freely. The weather is flyable throughout the year. Even the winter time is also safe for flying. You can enjoy your very special flying holiday in the middle of January, while large parts of Europe would be predominantly chilly and grey.

There are plenty of exciting family leisure activities: Seaworld, Kennedy Space Center, Disneyworld, surfing, sailing, diving etc.

Sightseeing Videos

Discover our range of Florida flightseeing videos on our YouTube channel.

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