Leisure opportunities

As we go off flying, your family members and friends may discover exciting things in Florida.

We also offer breathtaking roundtrips - just enquire with our staff. Moreover, there are numerous places of interest and attraction for all ages.

Moreover, there are numerous great locations and must-sees for all age groups.

For instance, Winter Haven harbors the Legoland, guaranteed fun for both kids and grown-ups.

Further onto Orlando there is the Disneyland, which may have your awe and focus for several days.

Seaworld, also located near Orlando, is a fantastic fun park with rollercoasters, various attractions and shows featuring sea animals.

Further away to the south there is an Alligator Park in Kissimee. Anyone who wants to see the alligators of all sizes in abundance has come to the right place. Besides, there is an ancient forest right in the middle of town, most recommendable to all.

In case you long to see alligators in the wild, we offer guided tours, for instance, to Lake Apoppka, where you can watch the alligators both from the plane and in the close proximity!

Whoever is interested in technology and science can visit the Kennedy Space Center. Since 2013, the Atlantis Space Shuttle has been harbored there on display. Most recommendable.

Florida Keys are a top destination both as a sightseeing highlight and a place for waterskiing. Diving, sailing, driving a powerboat and even parachute jumping are a part of the program.

Further leisure opportunities

Ifly Orlando (indoor skydiving)

Florida Mall (shopping)

Ichetucknee Springs State Park

Diving in Ginnie Springs

Jules Undersea Lodge

Should you have any questions or require a consultation on any of the above highlights, please feel free to contact us!